getsomehaz cuddlingsun THANK YOU BOTH !!! πŸ’–πŸ’‹πŸ˜Š

Anonymous: "happy birthday Jamie :)"

thank you 😊😊


Favorite Narry Moments: 8/?

β€œGreat, very funny. He’s very silly and very sweet. Very professional, and never too serious. Like I would be singing in the booth and I would cut a vocal and he’d be like β€˜Oh, that was terrible, you should try it again,’ like joking. He was very nice, very very sweet guy.” β€” Ariana Grande on the question; What was he [Harry Styles] like to work with? x (via haikunarry)

Anonymous: "happy birthday Jaime! You deserve to have a great day (:"

thanks cutie :)) πŸ’‹

Anonymous: "I'm praying harry gets his ass down to Australia so he can take you out and treat you for your birthday"

same fuck thank you so much !!! 😊

What is your name, sir?Β 
Anonymous: "I love you happy birthday"

thank u love u too !! πŸ’‹


4k of Gratuitous Zarry porn, featuring a collar. That is all.

They don’t even know.

It’s the best part, really. Or, Harry amends, when Zayn glances up at him with one of his fond smiles, almost shy under his lashes except for how it’s not, one of the best parts. But the thrill of it is a lot of it. The fact that they don’t know.

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